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Remodeling your bathroom with plenty of choices

April 15, 2008
Its amazing how having the right type of bathroom tile design for a remodeling project can alter the whole appearance of your bathroom; making that decision on the style will depend on the effect you want to create. The increase in world trade has meant that there is a huge variety of styles to choose from and something to suit everyone's pocket. Whilst contemporary styles like the harlequin design, marble and natural stone tile designs are always desirable, it is the colorful designs that are often more affordable and as a result, fast becoming popular themselves.

The harlequin pattern is a true classic which is basically, a bathroom tile that boasts the harlequin motif which is arranged as diamonds rather than squares. You will usually find these tiles are oblong instead of the more traditional square and these days there are many other colors to choose from.

But it is the classic white tile with small black squares which is my favorite which has a much cleaner look and is normally available without having to place a special order. Whilst the style will go with many bath types and polished fixings, it is when they are used in combination with a traditional bath tub that the best effect is seen.

Although this gives a stunning effect, chrome is renowned for leaving fingerprints so may require daily cleaning. It is important to consider how much time you have to commit to polishing your bathroom before making a purchase.

My favorite is the black and white design as the effect it has is hard to match and always improves the look of a bathroom. When money isn't an option there is always Italian marble as a choice for your bathroom tile design. This can also be used for surrounds in addition to the wall and floor plus comes in an enormous range of finishes.

Anyone who has shopped for bathroom tiles knows that some materials and patterns can be very expensive. You can work around this expense by using reasonably priced material as the foundation for your design. Once you have this it is a simple matter of choosing a higher quality tile to place within the overall design and as you won't be using a huge number of them, it really wont matter how much they cost.

No matter what design you choose you probably want to consider investing in a professional for installation. If you want your bathroom remodeling project to look attractive and be completed in a reasonable time period then the extra cost of hiring a tradesman will be worth it.