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Construction Loan "Inside Secrets" 2022

After reading the following 15 construction loan "Inside Secrets" you will know more about construction loans than most loan officers. Also, you will have information that can literally save you thousands in building your new home and in obtaining the best possible construction loan. To start off saving you money we are offering a free construction loan appraisal to any of our new customers. Also email or fax us any current quote from any other lender or broker and I personally will pick it apart and beat any rate and fee structure.

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Table of Contents

  1. What comes first the land purchase (egg) or the construction loan (chicken)?
  2. Which lenders/banks have the best construction loans?
  3. Should you go directly to your local bank or to a loan broker for your loan?
  4. What is the most important question to ask when applying for your construction loan?
  5. What experience does your construction loan officer have and does it matter?
  6. Qualifying for your construction loan, exactly how is it done?
  7. How not to be taken by the oldest trick in the book "Bait and Switch"?
  8. Has your loan officer structured your construction loan properly and why it can be so important?
  9. Now for the biggest secret of all, ready? All banks have access to the same rates and the only reason everyone ends up with a different rate at closing is directly related to how much your loan officer and bank has profited. You should probably read that one again.
  10. Why are interest reserves and contingency funds being added to your requested loan amount and is that a requirement?
  11. What is loan to value (LTV) and loan to cost (LTC)? Why it’s probably the most important factor in getting approved for a construction loan besides your income and credit.
  12. Should you hire a builder, supervisor or become an owner builder?
  13. How will your builder determine exactly how much your home will cost to build?
  14. How do you draw your construction loan funds to build your new home?
  15. What type of construction loan insurance is required and who is required to obtain it?